Toyota Gen1 Virtual Reader

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Module for software identification and virtual reading of Denso ECUs on Toyota, Scion, Lexus and Hino vehicles. No writing supported.
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FID: 8, 9

Service module for identification and virtual reading Toyota, Scion, Lexus and Hino Denso and Delphi Gen1 ECUs with NEC MCUs 76F0004/15/23/38/39/40/70/85 and Motorola MPC565 .

It allows to get ID of the firmware through OBD connector with any J2534 adapter and if this firmware available on our server You can download it for FREE.

Toyota Gen1 ECM Virtual reader (FID: 8)

Toyota Denso Gen1 TCM Virtual reader (FID: 9)

Attention! We are not provide WRITING. U can use this module for stock files getting for acquaintance.

Our base is now contains 3100+ files.

Attention! We are not provide ORI files by mail, skype etc. You have to use this module to get file in the car.

We will not respond to the claims about the inability to read a file from our server if we do not have it.

Denso newGen (Gen2) files 1.25, 1.5 and 2.0 Mb available only for owners of Toyota Denso newGen CAN module.







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